Current Student Kevin Rappe Shares How he Scored a Job after Careers Fair

Griffith Graduate student Kevin Rappe shares his story for how he scored a job after last year’s Nathan Careers Fair! Kevin studied Bachelor of International Business and Bachelor of Laws, from 2018 to 2022. He shares his best tips on how to get noticed by employers and make valuable connections that lead to employment at the 2023 Careers Fair.

What motivated you to attend the Careers Fair and what were your expectation?

I was in my final year, and I’d figure that I should introduce myself to the employment world, after all I can’t be in university my entire life, and after 5 years, and with Covid, everything was online or it didn’t happen in my recollection, thus I thought I should attend; I was also invited to the Careers Fair Exclusive Networking event as well, which caught my attention; and let them know who I am.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending the Careers Fair in the future?

Get a business card, Improve your linkedin and know what area of job you’d be interested in. Memorise your resume and make sure you’re able to communicate your resume to the employers.

Are there any particular areas of your professional development that you feel the Careers Fair helped you to address?

Yes, 100%. Regardless, if you’re in your first year or final semester, the Careers Fair is an introduction to the employment market whilst you’re in university. Just meeting the employers, the HR team or talent team of the employers means you can network and get to know them, and if you’re early on in your degree, if you give a great first impression, they can remember you when you apply for jobs later on in your degree.‘ – Kevin Rappe

Watch the full video here!

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