November workshops – resumes, graduate employment, LinkedIn and more!

job search workshops


Make the most of your University break with our job workshops in November. Our Careers Counsellors are experts in all things employment and are giving their time to help you land your dream job. The holidays are a perfect time to get the edge in the job race!


Graduate job search is much more than getting your resume together and applying online for jobs. Beginning your graduate job search? Find out how to stand out from the crowd!

Date Location Time
Monday 23 November Nathan N16_0.06 10am – 12pm
Tuesday 24 November Logan L04_1.01 10am – 12pm
Tuesday 24 November Gold Coast G11_3.56 11am – 1pm
Wednesday 2 December Southbank S07_1.23 10am – 12pm

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Finding a part-time job career seminars


The employment market can be tough and it’s not always easy to find part time work so you can support yourself financially during your studies. These seminars will go over where to source job vacancies and outline tips and strategies for securing part time work.

These sessions will include information for both domestic and international students.

Places are limited so attendance will be on a first in, first dressed basis. Ensure you arrive early to guarantee your place.

You can also access our online finding a part time job session and there are lots of resources on this page to assist you in your job search.

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Adapting to the Australian job market – for international students

International-Students Button

Are you one of the many international students who will graduate with the opportunity to remain in Australia to undertake employment? Are you seeking Australian work experience or an internship during your studies? Discover proactive job search strategies that work for international students and graduates and learn the skills and information you need to present yourself with confidence.

If you have ever felt frustrated by Careers Fairs and employers advertising roles for ‘Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents only’, then this seminar is for you. International students and graduates can experience success in their Australian job search, but will benefit from looking for work differently than local students do. This seminar will assist international students who are considering remaining in Australia post-graduation on the 485, 517, 462, 457 or similar visas, as well as those who are seeking Australian work experience or an internship during their studies.

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How to use LinkedIn to benefit my career

images (14)What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

With more than 300+ million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals.  Are you using it to it’s fullest potential?

LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool.  In this seminar you will learn how many of LinkedIn’s functions can be used to better optimise your on-line presence, effectively search for job opportunities and extend your professional network.

Students are welcome to attend seminars on any campus.

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Standout resumes career seminars

images (13)How do you ensure your resume will reach an employer?

Standout Resumes Workshop

How many times have you actually looked at your resume this year let alone updating it? Have you added your latest experiences, accomplishments, work experience or contacted your referees for a refresher chat? Wherever you are in your own resume review, this workshop will help you get the edge on your competitors by learning what employers are looking for in a resume.

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10 secrets of success in securing employment

shutterstock_95507272_smlIt’s a brand new year, a brand new start to get inspiration for your job hunt!

 10 Secrets of Success in Securing Employment

The job search is much more than getting your resume together and applying online for jobs. There are too many graduates who have this covered. This seminar is designed to help you to stand out from the crowd.

It will review strategies past graduates have used successfully to secure employment, steps you can take to improve your own job search and links to resources to help you along the way.
It is never too early (or late!) to learn how to succeed in finding graduate employment. The key is to start now, take action and seek help when you need it.


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Five simple ways to boost your career these holidays

By Sophie Wood

I just finished up my third year of a marketing and journalism degree, which means only one more left! So unfortunately my summer is a little less about the beach and a little more about internships and work experience. Not every one of you is going to graduate in a year but every one of you is going to graduate eventually. So here are some simple, ‘no fuss’ actions you can take these holidays to help further your career prospective.

  1. Socialise at events – Let’s be honest and admit that there is very little that you feel like doing during your holidays that isn’t sitting in front of the television and watching Ellen. Am I right? But sometimes you’ve just got to get yourself out of the house and start socialising! Events are the perfect environment to do this as well as a valuable opportunity to follow your passions and meet likeminded people. It could be as simple as going to a networking event held by the university or as involved as attending a conference. Either way, make the most out of the event and build your networks. You never know what will follow.

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