Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017

Are you obsessed with Google?  Do you want to the chance to put your Googley-ness into action this year? Do you like to help people succeed?  Yes, yes and yes? Perhaps you might want to consider signing up for the 2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge.


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Surviving your First Day in a New Job

By Alex Hargreaves

Walking into the work place on the first day of your brand new job can be a terrifying experience. After hearing the news that you got the job, you most likely spent the following days phoning your parents, bumping fists with your friends and jumping around in excitement over the glorious news that you managed to talk someone into giving you a real job. It is great to think that whilst other people probably applied for the job, YOU were the chosen one. What a way to stroke your ego. Not only this, but there will now be an endless supply of money gradually flowing into your bank account.  You know that even if your new job doesn’t sound very entertaining, not being poor is awesome and worth being excited about.  However, after the celebration ends, D day must come.  It’s time to prove that all of those stories you told about yourself in the job interview are actually true.  If your new boss thinks you can speak fluent Japanese, you might want to be able to say more than konitchiwa before the big day. Even though it’s scary to think about your first day on the job, we have some tips that you can use to take the edge off.

Surving your first day in a new job

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I’m Not a Student, Not yet an Employee

I’m Not a Student, Not yet an Employee

By Alex Hargreaves


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Have a Holly Jolly Job Search

 By Alex Hargreaves in collaboration with The Library Social Media Team

With Christmas on the way, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can earn a  little extra cash over the holiday period.  If you’re unemployed, you will probably have  an abundance of free time on your hands. It’s a great idea to invest that time into  gaining work experience and earning money. Your friends and family will be grateful  for it too as you can ditch the home made jewelry/scrapbook and buy your loved ones  something they really want this year. Christmas is an ideal time to get a job, as so many  more jobs become available due to the uprise of people filling up the shopping isles and  lining up in the centre food courts.  In fact, studies show that casual job openings  increase by 170% during the Christmas period, with 87% of those jobs being created by  the retail industry. Here are some easy tips you can put into practice to help you land a  casual gig these holidays!

Have a holly jolly job search

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Top 5 Employment Megatrends

Employment Mega Trends

By Alex Hargreaves

Employment mega trends – what are they and how do they apply to you? 

Megatrends can be defined as changes that effect societies, governments and economies permanently over a long period of time (CSIRO, 2016). VicHealth have commissioned CSIRO to carry out research for the purpose of identifying what opportunities and challenges may arise for young people’s future employment prospects.  Throughout the course of this research, CSIRO identified five megatrends which will all undoubtedly contribute to the well-being, emotional stability and employability of young people of the future.  As YOU are the young people of the future, it may be worth reading up on these 5 megatrends so that you may assess how they could apply to you.

Top 5 Employment Megatrends

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Meet Chriselle- Google Student Ambassador for Nathan 2016

Last Friday, we introduced you to Jacob, our GSA for the Gold Coast Campus.  Chriselle holds the same position except she is our representative for Nathan Campus, 2016.  Find out why Chriselle applied for the program, her highlights and her advice to other students thinking about getting involved next year!


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Meet Jacob – Gold Coast Google Student Ambassador 2016

Meet Jacob.  Jacob is our Griffith Google Student Ambassador for 2016 at the Gold Coast Campus.  As a Student Ambassador, he has come to learn about what it’s like to be an employee at Google, how to organize promotional events and has even been invited to visit the Google offices in Sydney! He now dreams of scoring a grad role at Google. In the following interview, he tells us why.


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