Develop your own future on campus

CaptureOne of the perks of this job is continually talking with inspiring students and staff. The wonderful work happening across all of our campuses never ceases to amaze me. . I get asked a lot how to get involved with on-campus activities which also has the side benefit of being paid work. It’s impossible to know every single activity that’s happening on campus but as you dig deeper the diverse opportunities for students keep unveiling themselves. The Career Leaders Program is one of these gems which students should be embracing with open arms: you actually get paid to develop your own Career.

Due to the nature of its funding by the Federal Government through the Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP), the Career Leaders Program is only open to domestic students from equity backgrounds, who statistically are at a strong disadvantage regarding successful participation in, and graduation from, higher education.

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How to find the perfect internship

By Sophie Wood 

It is the one piece of advice that was regularly spelt out to me by all my lecturers in every single class – “Before you graduate you need to have experience”. In some degrees, work experience is a necessary component and in other degrees, it is all on your own accord. The earlier you can get some experience, the better!

I was a late bloomer and halfway through my degree before I realised that I needed to gain some valuable experience. I trawled through dozens of employment websites, spoke to everyone I knew and even emailed organisations that I really loved to see if they had anything to offer. Finding the perfect internship was a six-month journey with highs and lows. I feel like I learnt a lot during this time, so let me share some tips with you!

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Introducing our new student blogger – Sophie Wood

unnamed (3)Here at the Griffith Careers team we are very excited to introduce our new student blogger Sophie Wood to the team.

As a Gold Coast student studying Marketing and Journalism, Sophie will be making regular contributions to our blog about her own experiences as a Griffith University student. Currently interning as the Social Media and Content Creator at Milaana, a social enterprise start-up that connects students and job seekers with the projects of community organisations we are looking forward to the insightful perspectives Sophie will contribute.

Using her own experience and passion as a blogger, reader and writer, Sophie will be debuting her first blog entry on Monday. Stay tuned ….

Taking it to the next level – Interchange Consultancy

interchangeYou may not know their faces but most Griffith students will be familiar with their events when deciding their future career path. Most of us have attended the Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) which is Australia’s largest careers expo offering study options from over 250 representatives. Interchange Consultancy is the brainchild of couple Shane Lynch and Hedy van Hofwegen which started in 1997 with their first careers expo for the Gold Coast region. An interesting correlation to this story is that Shane and Hedy are Griffith graduates who studied Business and Science respectively.

Shane’s previous experience in HR, training colleges and attending hundreds of expos as an exhibitor gave him the inside edge into educational expos. “I got the feel of what it was like on the other side of the booth. I used to make a few little notes about what was good about it and what I didn’t like about it,” he explains. From there, it ignited a business idea which is gaining momentum every year and now covers six major careers expos.

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