Use online stalking for good

I think we’ve Facebook stalkingall done it. Researched people online to check their status. I’ll admit guilt this to this practice. What if we changed our habits and used our online research for our careers. Our 24-7 access to information is a definite game changer. It’s a universally accepted fact that technology has changed the way we live our lives. We go online from multiple devices and within five years there will be inventions we can barely contemplate. Consider the hours you mindlessly spend online. Or me –  it’s better not to count the hours.

When it comes to developing your career, social media affords us many opportunities. Your imagination is the limit to your creativity and inspiration although it can be difficult to know where to start.

Speaking from personal experience, Seek is not your only option for researching and applying for job opportunities. It is certainly one of the most commonly used platforms but it’s beneficial to consider other online techniques.

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How to land a government job

Qld CoA Stylised 2LsS mono

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to ensure your application is hitting all the right notes with employers.

Today, the Careers service were lucky enough to hear exactly what employers are after from one of Queensland Government’s graduate recruiters.

Shockingly, last year’s application pool for one graduate program turned up 4,100 eligible applicants. Of those, 2,000 were invited to apply for available positions. 1,800 responded to the call and were considered for a grand total of 10 available positions.

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Accelerate your career growth with renowned fashion stylist Eduardo Xavier at CPA Careers Expo!

As an internationally IMGL0177-Editrenowned fashion stylist, custom made tailoring designer; coach and keynote speaker to many celebrities, corporate executives and organizations across the globe, Eduardo Xavier is regarded amongst industry experts as the number one fashion and corporate stylist in the country.

Having successfully launched his fashion line and custom made clothing range with an amazing impact in 2007 creating a name and solid reputation in the fashion, entertainment & corporate industries; Eduard
o has gone from strength to strength in conceptualizing cutting edge suits tailored to enhance your unique style. Each piece exuberates absolute elegance, personal style & functionality, made with the most exquisite materials sourced from around Europe. Every suit is hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, to bring out the very best in all of his clients. Eduardo focuses on the end result… Your confidence, your personal growth, your success!

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Adapting to the Australian job market – for international students

International-Students Button

Are you one of the many international students who will graduate with the opportunity to remain in Australia to undertake employment? Are you seeking Australian work experience or an internship during your studies? Discover proactive job search strategies that work for international students and graduates and learn the skills and information you need to present yourself with confidence.

If you have ever felt frustrated by Careers Fairs and employers advertising roles for ‘Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents only’, then this seminar is for you. International students and graduates can experience success in their Australian job search, but will benefit from looking for work differently than local students do. This seminar will assist international students who are considering remaining in Australia post-graduation on the 485, 517, 462, 457 or similar visas, as well as those who are seeking Australian work experience or an internship during their studies.

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Five simple ways to boost your career these holidays

By Sophie Wood

I just finished up my third year of a marketing and journalism degree, which means only one more left! So unfortunately my summer is a little less about the beach and a little more about internships and work experience. Not every one of you is going to graduate in a year but every one of you is going to graduate eventually. So here are some simple, ‘no fuss’ actions you can take these holidays to help further your career prospective.

  1. Socialise at events – Let’s be honest and admit that there is very little that you feel like doing during your holidays that isn’t sitting in front of the television and watching Ellen. Am I right? But sometimes you’ve just got to get yourself out of the house and start socialising! Events are the perfect environment to do this as well as a valuable opportunity to follow your passions and meet likeminded people. It could be as simple as going to a networking event held by the university or as involved as attending a conference. Either way, make the most out of the event and build your networks. You never know what will follow.

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Summing up the end of my degree in 10 quotes

By Elise Stephenson

IMG_5510 copyThis article was originally published by Griffith University graduate Bachelor of Asian Studies and Bachelor of Communications double degree Elise Stephenson on November 7 2014 at The article was republished with her permission.

Today I reached the last day of my Bachelor of Asian Studies and Bachelor of Communications double degree.  Here’s what I think of the whole experience through the words of some of my favourite authors:

“No doubt another may also think for me; but it is not therefore desirable that (s)he should do so to the exclusion of my thinking for myself.” Henry David Thoreau

I learned incredibly valuable things at university and in my wider life while I was studying. And while I think it is important to value what other people think about in relation to your life, ultimately, it’s all about being reflective enough to think for yourself, and let others think for themselves too.

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There’s more to uni than just academic – LiTES are leading the way

10754334_10205091430063703_1405733953_oWhen Chelsea Bentley started her Bachelor of Science degree in mid-July 2012, she went searching to see what Griffith student clubs were on offer to join. Along the way, she discovered the Ladies in Technology, Engineering and Science, commonly known as LiTES within the Griffith student community.

Founded in 2011 by Environmental Engineering graduate and now Senior Learning Assistance Officer with the GUMURRI Student Support Unit Jennifer-Leigh Campbell, LiTES was created to provide female students with access to support, networking opportunities and career advice in fields that are typically male dominated.

At its core, LiTES focus is “to support women in these marginalised fields, to allow them to network and create relationships with other girls in these degrees. It also provides them with the ability to connect with previous graduates in the industry”, Chelsea explains.

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Get a part-time job working at Griffith Uni

CaptureWe get asked a lot about how students can get involved in working on campus, make some good connections and find out tips to look for jobs and stay motivated.

Today we are bringing you some great job opportunities across all our Griffith University campuses working with the Student Transition and Leadership Team.

They are currently recruiting for the following positions:

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Four unique tips for staying sane during study period

By Sophie Wood

I’m currently finishing up my fourth year of university so I consider myself a little bit of an expert in surviving the dreaded exam period. Four years of university means I have completed a lot of exams! Some were good, some were bad but all of them were a learning experience.

However I don’t think that exams are the biggest worry. The biggest worry is the study period beforehand and trying to stay sane when memorising notes, lecture slides and large chunks of academic text. In four years, I have tried all the tricks in the book and here is the best advice I can give to you all.

Use post-it notes – Planning is a vital aspect to a successful study period. There is nothing productive about going into study block without a good game plan. So this is where post-it notes can come in handy! Instead of using a diary, write your game plan on post-it notes! This allows you to colour code important action points and prioritise tasks e.g. pink post-its for important and blue post-its for less important tasks. Post-it notes can be stuck in your diary, on your wall or even your bathroom mirror to make planning a little bit more fun!

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Develop your own future on campus

CaptureOne of the perks of this job is continually talking with inspiring students and staff. The wonderful work happening across all of our campuses never ceases to amaze me. . I get asked a lot how to get involved with on-campus activities which also has the side benefit of being paid work. It’s impossible to know every single activity that’s happening on campus but as you dig deeper the diverse opportunities for students keep unveiling themselves. The Career Leaders Program is one of these gems which students should be embracing with open arms: you actually get paid to develop your own Career.

Due to the nature of its funding by the Federal Government through the Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP), the Career Leaders Program is only open to domestic students from equity backgrounds, who statistically are at a strong disadvantage regarding successful participation in, and graduation from, higher education.

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