Studying a Masters/Grad Cert/PhD – Is it worth it?

By Alex Hargreaves

Have you ever considered studying a postgraduate degree but have immediately come up with a million excuses not to pursue it?  Despite all of the many reservations you may have, studies have shown that graduates with post graduate qualification earn a median salary of $80,000.  This is above the national average of $78,832. Furthermore, postgraduate qualifications can help you to completely change career direction, advance your current career, learn new skills and be taken seriously in the work place.

There are many perks, but there are also considerable downsides.  Going back to university also means going back to late nights, weekends spent on Google Scholar and for those who will be studying full time, adopting a new diet consisting of noodles, energy drinks and the occasional McDonalds splurge.

postgraduate study

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How to deal with post graduation anxiety

How to deal with post-graduation anxiety

Change is almost always good for us as it is usually accompanied by the opportunity of personal growth.  However, change is also usually accompanied by it’s good friend anxiety, which can stop us in our tracks and hold us back from achieving our potential growth.


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How to land a holiday job

In collaboration with The Library Social Media Team

The holiday season is fast encroaching. And, if you’re not buckling down and studying this Trimester 3, you may be thinking of ways to earn a little bit of moolah over the break.

There are ample benefits of a holiday job: extra cash (obvs), it pads your resume and helps build employability skills, the opportunity to make new friends, and more.

We’ve teamed up with the Griffith Careers Service to give you some tips to help score a holiday job:


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Ten things to learn from your Christmas casual job

Ten things to learn from your Christmas casual job

By Alex Hargreaves 

With many stores currently recruiting for Christmas Casuals, it’s a good idea to stop and think about how seasonal holiday work can be a major boost for your career.  Although Christmas casual work can often entail standing on your feet for endless hours while customer after customer asks you the same question and beads of stress form on your brow at the thought of meeting your sales targets, joining the work force over the Christmas period can teach you many valuable things about yourself, and can help you prepare for your future career.


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Why you should attend employer events

Recently,  you may have noticed an increase in employer activity on campus.  Employers have been, and will be continuing to visit our campuses throughout 2017 – 2018 in place of the Griffith Careers Fair.  When you hear of an employer visit that sparks your interest,  it is a fantastic idea to make the effort to attend for many reasons (especially if the employer is relevant to your field of study!)


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Surviving your first day in a new job

By Alex Hargreaves

Walking into the work place on the first day of your brand new job can be a terrifying experience. After hearing the news that you got the job, you most likely spent the following days phoning your parents, bumping fists with your friends and jumping around in excitement over the glorious news that you managed to talk someone into giving you a real job. It is great to think that whilst other people probably applied for the job, YOU were the chosen one. What a way to stroke your ego. Not only this, but there will now be an endless supply of money gradually flowing into your bank account.  You know that even if your new job doesn’t sound very entertaining, not being poor is awesome and worth being excited about.  However, after the celebration ends, D day must come.  It’s time to prove that all of those stories you told about yourself in the job interview are actually true.  If your new boss thinks you can speak fluent Japanese, you might want to be able to say more than konitchiwa before the big day. Even though it’s scary to think about your first day on the job, we have some tips that you can use to take the edge off.

Surving your first day in a new job

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Have a holly jolly job search

 By Alex Hargreaves in collaboration with The Library Social Media Team

With Christmas on the way, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can earn a  little extra cash over the holiday period.  If you’re unemployed, you will probably have  an abundance of free time on your hands. It’s a great idea to invest that time into  gaining work experience and earning money. Your friends and family will be grateful  for it too as you can ditch the home made jewelry/scrapbook and buy your loved ones  something they really want this year. Christmas is an ideal time to get a job, as so many  more jobs become available due to the uprise of people filling up the shopping isles and  lining up in the centre food courts.  In fact, studies show that casual job openings  increase by 170% during the Christmas period, with 87% of those jobs being created by  the retail industry. Here are some easy tips you can put into practice to help you land a  casual gig these holidays!

Have a holly jolly job search

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