Graduate Programs Open for 2015


Companies Now Recruiting for 2015

It’s that time of year once more. The major companies are opening their metaphorical recruitment doors and accepting applications from a herd of eager, dewy eyed final year students looking to break their way into some of the top companies in the world.

Graduate programs are a fantastic place to start your career, although they are competitive, with companies accepting hundreds of applications each year. Don’t let that deter you, however, as securing a coveted place in these programs offer a myriad of benefits.

The graduate programs are usually structured with extensive training and development opportunities. Some of them work on a rotational basis, meaning you get the opportunity to experience a range of different roles (a benefit scarcely seen in typical entry level positions). You will also be earning a decent entry level wage while receiving this training and are in a great position to develop and grow your career with a top tier company. You can also apply for graduate programs with various government departments.

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10 Secrets of Success in Securing Graduate Employment


Attention Recent Graduates!

    10 Secrets of Success in Securing Graduate Employment

Graduate job search is much more than getting your resume together and applying online for jobs. There are too many graduates who have this covered. This seminar is designed to help you to stand out from the crowd.

It will review strategies past graduates have used successfully to secure employment, steps you can take to improve your own job search and links to resources to help you along the way.
It is aimed at FINAL YEAR STUDENTS & GRADUATES (but students from any year are welcome).  It is never too early (or late!) to learn how to succeed in finding graduate employment. The key is to start now, take action and seek help when you need it.

Students are welcome to attend seminars on any campus.

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Networking – how to do it


Networking is a daunting concept. By now, you are probably aware that over 75% of jobs are unadvertised, and consequently, networking is the best path into employment. But the idea of networking and how to do it can seem overwhelming and somewhat impossible. You may think you don’t know anyone, or you don’t know where to start or how to even approach people.

It could be easier than you think.

Here is the story of Student Employment and Communications Officer, Sarah Binney and how she landed her graduate role through networking:

I am a journalism graduate from Griffith who started full time employment in the Careers Office mid last year. Beginning my graduate job search was a scary concept. I had friends who had been out of university for years and were still working their casual jobs at our local cinema. I thought I would be destined to a life of stacking shelves and listening to customers complain that we stocked Pepsi instead of Coke – a decision that was obviously made by me, a lowly retail worker (insert sarcastic tone of voice here).

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CPA Panel Event

The CPA Panel Event was a huge success! Thank you to all our panel members and those students who attended.

Last Tuesday Griffith Careers, in conjunction with CPA Australia, held a panel event for accounting students at the Queensland College of Art in South Bank.

The event showcased the personal career journeys of three CPAs in different stages of their career –

Sean Marjason, Senior Consultant, Business and Controls Assurance

Julie O’Brien, Senior Advisor, Financial Solutions Group, Queensland Treasury Corporation

Craig Morton, General Manager Finance and Commercial, Thiess Australian Mining.

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