Griffith PhD Student, Dr. Vivekananthan, has successfully been accepted to join Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program

Griffith PhD Graduate, Dr. Vivek Balakrishnan, shares his experience with the recruitment process and what he hopes to gain from the program.

“As a kid from a low socio-economic background from the southern part of India, I longed for an education and was always curious about mathematics and its real-life applications.

This passion and curiosity eventually convinced me to complete my doctorate in Engineering. When I was looking for a meaningful career to make an impact in the community, I came across Teach for Australia (TFA) and learning about TFA’s vision galvanized my understanding of educational disadvantage in Australia.

I applied for the Leadership Development Program (LDP) to join cohort 2021 after learning more about TFA with QLD/ACT recruitment manager, Carolina. Since my first contact, she has been extremely helpful with her support and advice throughout the recruitment process.

Although I was unsuccessful during my first application round, the feedback that I received from Carolina and the admissions team was extremely helpful to self-reflect. In early February this year, when I saw an email popped up in my inbox from Carolina encouraging me to re-apply, she helped me to understand my potential in a larger context. Moreover, the communication that I received from the overall TFA admissions and recruitment team was clear and prompt.

Finally, the most satisfying thing about this recruitment journey was when I came to know that I was accepted into the TFA LDP. I envision myself becoming a great mathematics teacher and would like to make two important contributions.

The real-life applications of mathematics are endless. We are surrounded by numbers, equations, and algorithms. In saying that, I would like to make sure every student embraces the value, complexity, and beauty of mathematics. Secondly, I would like to nurture uniqueness and thereby developing the self-esteem of students.”

Dr. Vivekananthan Balakrishnan

If you are interested in making a difference in the education of young, disadvantage Australians and have studied a degree in Arts, History, Science, Maths, Engineering, Technology, Music or Languages, consider applying for Teach for Australia’s 2 year Leadership Development Program! Applications are now open to final year students.

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