Jessica Knowle’s Shares Her Experience with Industry Mentor #2, Danielle Brown

Jessica continued on in the Industry Mentoring Program due to having such an amazing experience the first time around. She was matched with a second inspirational mentor– Dannielle Brown 

After the rewarding experience with Nathalie from QAL,  , I signed up for the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program a second time. I was fortunate to be paired with Dannielle Brown, a Griffith University Alumni and International Operations Coordinator at Destination Gold Coast.  With a greater understanding of the mentoring experience under my belt, I was more familiar with the  process and had more awareness of the areas I wanted to focus on, such as further enhancing my networking skills and developing a strong resume and cover letter. During our initial catch-up, we discussed my learning objectives for our mentoring relationship. Dannielle was highly engaged, kind, caring and empathetic. She went above and beyond to connect me with industry professionals from her personal network. I met many different marketing professionals from a wide range of disciplines and learned how diverse the marketing profession can be. I also gained valuable advice on securing a graduate marketing role. Dannielle invited me to expand my networking skills by attending a Women in Tourism networking event. With Dannielle’s encouragement, support and role modelling, I was able to meet professional women from Griffith University, The Star Entertainment Group, Gold Coast Suns, Harbour Town and many more organisations. I learnt about their experiences in marketing and connected with them on LinkedIn, with each of them encouraging me to ask questions and reach out whenever I needed assistance. 

Dannielle also played a major role in my securing a marketing internship with the Queensland Government Public Service Commission (QGPSC). This internship required me to travel to Brisbane each Friday. Working in the QGPSC expanded my understanding of marketing and greatly improved my confidence.

Being paired with Dannielle increased my passion to gain a career within the marketing industry. An opportunity was provided by Griffith University for students to receive a mentorship with the Australian Managers and Leaders Institute (AMLI), Dannielle assisted me in developing my application and I was fortunate to be one of the four Griffith University students selected to participate. As an AMLI mentee, I have connected with marketing professionals across Australia and increased my skills in marketing. Dannielle helped me develop a professional profile on LinkedIn which I now utilise to search for graduate roles and to connect with other marketing professionals. Dannielle has been a positive role model and she continuously takes time from her busy schedule to support me, which has helped me be shortlisted for jobs and has boosted my confidence. I value her advice and experience – she has taught me so much. Dannielle is so passionate about helping her mentees achieve their goals that even the COVID-19 pandemic could not put her off! Through all the uncertainty she remained determined, understanding and motivated, leveraging technology when we couldn’t meet in person to ensure that I was still able to have an enriching experience. She has effectively prepared me for a career within environments experiencing ongoing change and turbulence.  As a result of my mentorship with her I feel confident, prepared and ready to enter the new workforce once I graduate from Griffith.

I recently caught up with Danielle for coffee, and she made the following comments about her involvement in the Industry Mentoring Program:

“Being a Mentor in the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program has been rewarding, as I have been able to support my mentees in achieving their personal and professional goals. I would highly recommend this program to students, as I completed the program when I was a student at Griffith University. Through being paired with a mentor, I was able to increase my networking skills and meet industry professionals, which allowed me to secure a tourism-marketing internship at the Sheraton Mirage. The program increased my confidence, knowledge and skills and played an influential role in helping me get to where I am. This inspired me to become a mentor and give back to the Griffith community. I look forward to participating in the program and supporting, encouraging and developing students in 2021.

  • Dannielle Brown, Community Engagement Electorate Officer

Office of Angie Bell MP

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