What’s happening in Trimester 2?

Griffith Careers and Employment Service are here to assist you in Trimester 2, 2019! We can share any advice you may need to do well in your job search and help you find part-time, casual and full-time employment. There are many opportunities in T2 to learn more about our services and how to access them.

If you are a new student and will be on campus during O-Week, here are some of our job serach seminars that you may be interested in dropping in on. No registration necessary, just turn up!

You can attend the Careers and Employment Overview even if this is not your first trimester of study – all students welcome.

Event Date /Time Location
Mystery Career Session
(Ask any question related to careers and employment!)
01/07/19 11:00AM N16 0.08 NathanCampus
Finding a Part-Time Job 02/07/19 10:00AM N16 0.08 NathanCampus
Careers and Employment Service
Overview (for all students who want to learn more about Careers and Employment)
02/07/19 1:00PM –
N16 0.08 Nathan Campus
Finding a Part-Time Job 03/07/19 11:00AM –
G01 3.55
Gold Coast

If you are starting to think about opportunities to undertake a Summer Vacation Program or are looking at jobs you might be interested in when you graduate, our Employer Events on campus are a great way to network with potential employers in your field. So far, we have the following employers confirmed to come to a Griffith campus in T2 2019, with more to be added.

Employer Event Date /Time Campus Book
Colin Biggers &
Colin Biggers &
Paisley Grad
23/07/2019N76_1.02/1.03 Nathan Campushttps://loom.ly/yUIXC3w
Woodside Energy Summer Vac Program Information Session31/07/2019N53 0.56 Nathan Campushttps://loom.ly/bBb-E4w
Queensland Government Exo Queensland Government Expo –
Learn about all of the departments within QLD Gov and opportunities available
26/08/2019N78 0.11https://loom.ly/xGg1or8

Colin Biggers & Paisley:

This event is targeted at final year law students, however all law students are encouraged to attend!  This is a great opportunity to learn about a potential employer in your field and network with contacts.  

Woodside Energy:

Woodside Energy are primarily targeting penultimate ICT/Software Engineering/Computer Science students for their Summer Vacation Program.  Please also note,  the Woodside Energy head office is located in Perth, and they do accept international students and graduates.  

Queensland Government Expo:

All students are encouraged to attend this event! This event showcases all of the many departments within the Queensland Government and the many employment opportunities on offer for current students and graduates.  If you thought working in government meant having a boring job chained to your desk, come along to this event to be proven wrong! 

We are looking forward to supporting your job search efforts this trimester and we hope to see you at some of our events. 


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