Timothy shares how he demonstrates continuous improvement during his studies!

Meet Timothy Chew, our Remarkable Student for April, 2019!

Meet Timothy Chew, current Computer Science student and the first Remarkable Student for 2019! Timothy is a member of our Industry Mentoring Program, and makes a concerted effort to be involved in all aspects of the program. He regularly participates in IMP and Careers and Employment networking events, despite being an introvert. He states “Networking events are great to meet new contacts, practice my people skills and see what’s happening in my industry”.

Timothy has also taken on internships whenever the opportunity has presented itself. He believes that learning new skills and participating in activities or events which are outside of his comfort zone will help him to be a more versatile candidate. Timothy advises that “For STEM people, I have found that art and business are two good areas to explore.”

Timothy doesn’t have a rigid career goal, and instead describes himself as a dreamer and an explorer. He says “I want to venture out into the unknown and create what could previously be thought impossible; to turn my ambitions/dreams into a reality.” He is open to all opportunities for career development that come his way.

Timothy has three dot points of advice which will hopefully inspire students who may not currently be as active in career related extracurricular activities as they could be.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to others and try out new things. Be proactive, work hard and work smart. Don’t always go for the easiest route, and strive to always improve yourself” – Timothy Chew

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