Career hacks that will help you get the job

As a student,  it can seem extremely overwhelming to be at the beginning of a job search and have no idea where to start, especially if it is the first time you have tried to look for a job. There is so much conflicting advice thrown around in the university space and with different tools such as LinkedIn, Wix, resume building sites and recruitment agencies,  it can be confusing to navigate your way to the right path.  Luckily, there are a few simple career hacks that can make landing that job so much easier.  You will wonder why you didn’t realise how helpful the people around you are sooner!


#1 Your family may have the right connections

You may not think your brother seems very professional, but your family could be more important in your job search than you realise! 

This does not necessarily mean that you would be ‘using’ your family members or riding on their coat tails to get a job, this is simply about tapping into your existing network of connections and exploring your options wisely.  More than likely, your family will be happy that you value their experience enough to come to them for career advice.  If your parents or bothers/sisters are working, it’s a great idea to ask them about their jobs in detail, what their position description entails,  what their hours are like, what other jobs lead to their current position etc.  You can live vicariously through them. If any of the jobs excite you,  ask them about relevant vacancies opening and if they may be able to invite you to a company networking event.

It is extremely common that you will find brothers and sisters working in the same space, as well as parents and their adult children.  Employers like to hire people who have been recommended to them, and in most cases, people are happy to recommend their families for roles in the same organisation as them.   However, in some organisations, two family members are not allowed to work in the same department or be situated too close to each other in the work place.  It’s also often the case that a family member cannot be your supervisor.  If you are interested in working in the same company as someone in your family,  it’s important not to show any favouritism towards them in the work place or to treat them any different to other colleagues.

#2 Interview the most successful person you know

Similar to the above point, do you have a ridiculously wealthy uncle who started a business at 14?  Do you have a friend who is the CEO of a global organisation?  Think of the most successful person you know.  They don’t necessarily have to be the richest, they just have to be someone who has achieved the same things that you dream to achieve in your career.

Explain to them that you are soon to commence a job search and you would be appreciative if they can offer some advice over a coffee, as you really admire them.  If they agree, ask them questions about how they became so motivated to smash their goals, the steps that they took to get where they are now, and where they think you should begin.  Take their advice on board and slowly try to implement some of their strategies into your life.

#3 Submit your resume online to a Career Consultant 

This one is easy and everyone should do it. If you have submitted your resume far and wide and heard nothing, it’s time for an update! These days,  it is tough out there and extremely competitive to find a job.  If an employer has a pile of 200 resumes, they will look for excuses to cull the pile.  For example, spelling and grammar mistakes are an easy way to have your resume tossed in the ‘no’ pile.  A description which doesn’t accurately reflect your experience and skill set is another factor that could set you back.

If you submit your resume here, you can receive feedback in a 2 – 3 days.  If your resume needs a lot of work, you can have an appointment with our Career Consultants to discuss further.

#4 Have an active voice online, and keep your profile professional

It’s great to be active online if you always put a lot of thought into the comments and content you post, and you are active on Facebook/LinkedIn pages and groups that are related to the industry you want to work in.  If an employer does a social media background check on you (which they often do), they will be highly impressed if what they find is you commenting on relevant industry trends a portfolio of your most recent work.

Whilst we are on the topic of online, it’s also important to be a diligent moderator of all of your social media pages.  If someone tags you in something, always check it.  You don’t want to have your name attached to content which could threaten your future employment prospects.

#5 Sign up for Unitemps

If you don’t know what Unitemps is,  read our previous blogs ‘Who are Unitemps and what can we do for you?‘ and ‘10 reasons to temp’ for more information.  However please note that since ’10 reasons to temp’ was written, Unitemps have widened their employment opportunities and they are now offering full-time, part-time, casual internal and external vacancies.

Unitemps are hosting sessions for all students who are wishing to improve their employability skills called ‘Prep for Success.’  If you want to improve your resume, job interview skills, learn how to market yourself as a professional and network, register to attend these sessions:


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