How to land a holiday job

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The holiday season is fast encroaching. And, if you’re not buckling down and studying this Trimester 3, you may be thinking of ways to earn a little bit of moolah over the break.

There are ample benefits of a holiday job: extra cash (obvs), it pads your resume and helps build employability skills, the opportunity to make new friends, and more.

We’ve teamed up with the Griffith Careers Service to give you some tips to help score a holiday job:


1. Utilise careers and employment services

There are many Griffith services you can tap into which will help increase your chance of scoring a job this silly season. You can sign up for Unitemps. Unitemps are Griffith’s own internal recruitment agency and they can assist greatly in your job search, for both internal and external jobs.

Visit a Careers Counsellor for advice about anything careers related.  They can help make sure your resume is up to standard, your LinkedIn is optimized to perfection and they can even provide you with guidance on your overall career direction and progression

Finally, check Careerboard. Many Christmas casual jobs are being upload to Careerboard in the lead up to the holidays, so make sure you check the job board regularly!

2. Keep an eye out for seasonal jobs

During the Christmas period, you can get paid for a lot of crazy things that wouldn’t normally classify as a job.

For example, if you believe you have a resemblance to Santa, why not look for Santa Clause dress up jobs?  All you have to do is put on a red suit, sit down for a couple of hours and try to stay calm whilst screaming child after screaming child is placed on your lap.

If you’re a QCA student studying photography, this is an optimal time of year to get some industry experience.  Santa photos are high in demand and Westfield centres will be on the hunt for photographers to take the shots.

Find a list of more crazy Christmas jobs here.

3. Reach out to local businesses

Do you have a favourite retail store where you are already friendly with the shop assistants who work there?  Congratulations, without knowing it, you have already put in the foundation for networking.

Why not go into your favourite stores and whilst browsing the products ask if they have or will have any Christmas casual vacancies opening.  Be open about how much you love the store and demonstrate some knowledge about the products.  This will ensure you will be at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind next time they need to recruit.

4. Get a side hustle

Are you mad for music, bonkers for books or wacky for web design? If you have a unique talent or passion, why not start a side hustle; a sideline gig with a potential to bring in cash.

This summer break is the time to rock the world with your DJ tunes, bang out a bookish blog, or become a freelance web designer. Whatever floats your boat.

The awesome thing about having a side hustle is even if you don’t hit the cash jackpot, you’ll be doing something you love. And you’ll certainly learn a thing or two along the way.

5. Volunteer

While you won’t get paid in cash, you’ll get paid in karma – warm and fuzzy’s. Try gift wrapping at a shopping centre, feeding homeless, visiting nursing homes or collecting money for charity. Plus, you’ll be building employability skills.

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