How to deal with post graduation anxiety

How to deal with post-graduation anxiety

Change is almost always good for us as it is usually accompanied by the opportunity of personal growth.  However, change is also usually accompanied by it’s good friend anxiety, which can stop us in our tracks and hold us back from achieving our potential growth.


Graduation is a fantastic example of a monumental life change which is supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion, but for many is a ceremony which marks the start of feelings of stress and anxiety.  Leaving behind the comforts of a steady group of university friends, cheap lunches, discounts on movies, using ‘I’m a full time student’ as an excuse not to get a job, is scary, and it’s totally normal to feel apprehensive about leaving student land behind.

Instead of sitting at home, freaking out about what your next move will be, or wondering whether you’re skilled enough to start applying for jobs, there are plenty of productive things that you can do to ease yourself into the idea that you are now a fully qualified human who is able to put that degree to good use. The best part is, you can find the support you’re looking for right back where you started, at university.

#1 Book an appointment with a Career Development Officer 

Did you know that you have access to our Careers and Employment services for one year after you graduate?  If you are really struggling to figure out what direction you want your degree to take you, what job outcomes are available for your degree, how to know if your resume is up to scratch, what to expect when applying for graduate programs, you should really think about booking in to see one of our Careers Counsellors.  Appointments are free for students and recent graduates. Book now.

#2 Sign up for Unitemps

Unitemps are Griffith’s internal recruitment agency, and they are always on the hunt for impressive and newly qualified graduates.  Unitemps offer students temporary and permanent full-time, part-time and casual positions and are available in the student centres at Gold Coast and Nathan campuses from 10AM – 1PM Monday to Friday.  They will assist you through every step of the application process and you can contact them for support even after you have secured a position.

#3 Keep in touch with your fellow grads

If you had a bunch of friends at uni, try to keep in touch after graduation.  After all, you are all going through the same thing and feeling the same feels.  It’s important to talk to other graduates you can relate to, and share any fears and struggles you may be having adjusting to the new change.  Sometimes, knowing that someone else is going through the same thing and being able to reach out and talk to them is all the support you need to start feeling more comfortable with the situation.

#4 Fill your skill gaps

If you have started looking at job vacancies online and you have noticed that there is a skill that you are missing, it’s time to learn something new.  There are plenty of online learning sights which offer cheap courses that you can tap into to become a more impressive candidate.  Some of these include Udemy ,Coursera, AIM ,Up Skilled and Alison. You can also use Youtube videos to learn new things.  For example, if a job requires you to have basic understanding of a different language, Youtube is a fantastic learning platform to build your vocabulary.  The best part is, it’s free!

#5 Do something productive, every day!

Use the awkward gap between student life and employment to smash some goals! If you had always wanted to jog every day when you were a student but couldn’t because you were too anchored down with study commitments, now is the time to lace up those sneakers.  Exercise is an amazing outlet for anxiety and stress. If you have always planned on creating a jaw dropping resume, now is the perfect time to do so.  Check out our resume templates for inspiration and lay out plan. If you don’t know anyone in the industry you want to start your career in, start registering for relevant networking events.  Make a goals journal so that you can keep progress of what you are currently doing and what still want to achieve in your spare time.  Remaining goal focused when you have no commitments is a useful way to keep your anxiety at bay.

Remember that graduation is not just the end of a great time in your life, but also the start of a potentially even greater one.  No one can tell you what your future should look like, the fun part is that from here on out it’s all up to you.

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