Why you should attend employer events

Recently,  you may have noticed an increase in employer activity on campus.  Employers have been, and will be continuing to visit our campuses throughout 2017 – 2018 in place of the Griffith Careers Fair.  When you hear of an employer visit that sparks your interest,  it is a fantastic idea to make the effort to attend for many reasons (especially if the employer is relevant to your field of study!)



Employers don’t just visit university campuses to get cool pictures for their social media accounts or to eat lunch at student prices. They are here for a purpose – to meet motivated students.  If you make the effort to attend employer events on campus, you have the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with people who potentially could hire you one day.  If you are applying for a Summer Vacation Program or Graduate Program and find out that that particular employer is coming on campus, attending the event will give you an instant edge over other students who apply without meeting the employer face to face. Even if you don’t get a job out of it or don’t end up applying, meeting new industry contacts is always beneficial, as there may be jobs available in the future that they can assist you with.



When employers come on campus, they usually come baring good news and job opportunities.  It may be an organization you’ve never heard of before or considered working for, but if you find out an employer is coming on campus who hires graduates in your discipline, always attend! You may find out about an opportunity that suits you down to the ground that you can apply for straight away.  It is also good to learn more about the types of positions that different organizations recruit for. You will need to have a good understanding of which employers you want to target in your job search as your graduation date looms closer.



If you are applying for a Summer Vacation or Graduate Program for the first time, the application process can be very draining and confusing.  Usually, employers who visit our campuses include detailed information on what their application process involves and how to avoid pitfalls. It can be very helpful to have someone explain this to you in person instead of figuring it out online by yourself as you go.  Many large organizations have similar steps involved in their applications, so if you are applying for many companies you can get the low down in one event.


If you have been putting off thinking about finding a job after uni for as long as you possibly can, you might just need something that inspires you to get motivated.  Often, campus events include stories of other Griffith grads who have managed to score a role with the presenting organization and who are now doing very well there.  This can be all you need to hear to get yourself into gear for your post graduate job search.



Usually there’s not, but you never know unless you go.


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