Graduate programs open for international students 2018

Graduate recruitment season is an exciting time for most final year students.  It’s the time that you can apply for the 2018 Graduate Program of the company(ies) of your dreams and begin tailoring video introductions, resumes and interview practice questions to fit the culture of those organizations.  Behind all the hype,  it should also be considered that some of us will be disappointed.  Namely, international students who have discovered that the program they wanted to apply for is only open to Australian/New Zealand Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents.

Graduate Programs for International Students

Undoubtedly, it would be disheartening to discover that despite having a great GPA, experience in your field and involvement with campus clubs and activities, that you were still unable to apply for a program which could fast track your future career. Luckily, not all graduate programs have restrictions on work rights.  To minimize the time taken going through and crossing off programs,  I have put together a list of employers who have the ability take applications from international students this year:







Disney Norman & Young

In most cases, there are additional requirements that international students must meet when applying for these programs.  As an international student, give yourself the best chance by doing your research on the company so that you are 100% prepared when you apply. Make sure that you also understand what the conditions of your continued employment are upon commencement of the graduate program.  To read more about working in Australia as an international student, check out GradOpps.

Happy applying!

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