Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017

Are you obsessed with Google?  Do you want to the chance to put your Googley-ness into action this year? Do you like to help people succeed?  Yes, yes and yes? Perhaps you might want to consider signing up for the 2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge.


So, what is this Google Challenge I speak of, you may be wondering.  Google it.  The challenge requires participants to create an online marketing campaign using Google AdWords. Using a $250 AdWords budget, you will raise the online profile of a local business or not for profit organisation.  The great part about this challenge is that you get to choose the organization that you promote.  If there is a start up that you think is genius, or a not for profit organization you support with your heart and soul,  this is a great way to help them achieve their business goals for 2017.  If you are a master of AdWords or you have always wanted to learn how to put them into action, now is the time to showcase your skills.

To participate in the challenge, you must be a current undergraduate or postgraduate student. You will need to round up a team of three to six people and nominate an academic (professor, lecturer, researcher etc.) to support you.  You will need to have your academic nominated by March 22nd and your team registered by April 5th, 2017.  Get on Google’s radar and sign up for the Google Online Marketing Challenge today!

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2 thoughts on “Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017”

  1. This kind of challenge is a great opportunity for online business enthusiast. Through this, you will be able to share your skills with online marketing. This will improve you as a person, as well as improve your skills in this field.

  2. This marketing challenge will unleash the marketing power of every business enthusiast. It is great for them since they will be able to understand and experience how marketing works. Hoping for the success of this challenge.

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