Meet Chriselle- Google Student Ambassador for Nathan 2016

Last Friday, we introduced you to Jacob, our GSA for the Gold Coast Campus.  Chriselle holds the same position except she is our representative for Nathan Campus, 2016.  Find out why Chriselle applied for the program, her highlights and her advice to other students thinking about getting involved next year!


Q – What are you studying?

A – Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Q – How did you find out about the Google Student Ambassador Program?

A – I saw a Facebook event for a talk that promoted the GSA program and internships at Google.

Q – What first made you want to apply for the program?

A – I wanted to be an ambassador for an iconic, global brand. Plus, it’s a paid job with great benefits.

Q – What do you think helped you to get the edge over other applicants?

A – Discussing my use of Google products and services for my studies and general use, especially using Google sites to create my ePortfolio to boost employability. Also, being involved in various university clubs was a huge bonus for my application.

Q – What cool experiences have you had since joining the program?

A – The Google summit in Sydney, exploring the Sydney HQ, meeting new people and Google swag (merchandise).

Q – Has it been challenging juggling your Google Student Ambassador Role with your studies?

A – It has a bit tough organising events, as I have weekly quizzes. However, this experience has helped me develop better event organisation and time management skills.

Q – What advice would you give to students who are thinking of applying to be the next Google Student Ambassadors?

A – Definitely apply! There are so many opportunities available and the professional connections that you can make will be invaluable, especially if you want to work at Google in the future. It looks impressive on your CV, you’ll develop multidisciplinary skills and gain an incredibly fun experience. 

Q – Do you want to work for Google when you graduate?  If not, where do you see yourself?

A – Unfortunately, Google does not have any jobs in field of study. I hope to work in hospital or pathology labs.

If you are interested in working with Google, keep up to date with Careers and Employment social media channels and Google at Griffith to find out when Google will be hosting employment events on campus.

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