Creative careers for the creatively inclinded

Creative Careers for the Creatively Inclined

By Alex Hargreaves

Are you studying an arts related degree and tired of being asked by concerned relatives what you are planning on doing when you graduate?  Have you told someone what you are studying only to be mocked or made fun of?  Your hard work should be taken seriously and respected as it takes talented individuals to do well in creative degrees.


Despite the stigma, creative graduates are highly sought after and more and more jobs are opening up that require a degree in creative industries.  If you want to score one of these roles, it’s important not to be too limiting about the type of job you are wishing to obtain when you graduate.  For example, you may be a creative writing major and have it in your head that when you graduate you are going to be an author of children’s books.  That’s great – but it is a very small market and it’s important to be realistic about your goals when you are first starting out.  The following are a list of potential career paths you can take if you are a creative grad.

#1 Content Writer

Virtually every company has content that they require to be written up in an entertaining, grammatically and punctually correct way.  If you enjoy writing, you can flourish in a content writer role as you are able to use your skills to make content flow and use your creativity to liven up the tone of the companies writing.   You can use this role to develop your writing and in turn enhance the quality of your creative side projects.  You can read a position description here.


#2 Social Media Coordinator

In the current employment market, most companies have realized the importance of having a strong online presence to market their brand and connect with their audience.  If you are a writer or graphic designer, you can use this role to get your voice and designs out there. Social Media Coordinators are usually in charge of scheduling posts for the Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts of big companies.  You can use your creativity to locate posts which will be entertaining to the target audience of the company and your graphic design skills to create a visually appealing lay out of the blog.


#3 Teacher of the Arts

Are you constantly talking to people about your niche skill?  For example, if you are passionate about drumming and feel confident telling others about your skill, maybe you should consider becoming a percussion teacher.  It is important to note that this career path would require you to undertake further study if you are only graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in your creative field.  You would need to undertake a Graduate Certificate or Masters of Education.  This is a great way to pursue your passion whilst earning a steady and reliable income.

#4 Start your own Business

Do you have a big idea?  If you are creative and entrepreneurial, this is the perfect combination of skills required to start your own business.  Maybe you are passionate about games design and come up with a series of designs and idea’s for potential games.  You could then sell your ideas to games companies and essentially work for yourself.  This path takes a huge amount of dedication and commitment and is not for those who like to rely on the comforts of a steady pay check.  Nonetheless, more and more graduates are choosing to take the daunting road of self-employment.


#5 Youtube Star

You can use Youtube as a platform to showcase your creative skills to a wide audience.  If you are passionate about acting and have a friend who can write well, perhaps you could collaborate your skills to create an entertaining Youtube mini-series.  If you are a talented singer, Youtube could be the stage you use to get your voice heard by the world. This could potentially lead to being discovered by an agent.

When it comes to creative careers, your options are endless!  Think big and don’t get attached to one set in stone idea as there are so many different directions your creative career can take you.


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