Get job interview ready!

Get Job Interview Ready!

By Alex Hargreaves

The recent launch of Unitemps and the opening of applications for  2016-2017 Graduate/Vacation programs calls for everyone to start thinking about their preparation for job interviews.  It is important to be aware that Unitemps require formal interviews just like any other job you apply for.

Get Job Interview Ready

Attending a job interview may seem like an extremely intimidating process if it is your first time being interviewed.  You may feel like your interviewer can see into your soul. Even if you have attended a few job interviews in your time, it’s completely normal to have pre-interview jitters. However, if you show up well prepared this can make all of the difference in your level of confidence and ability to show the employer that YOU are the right person for the job. I know I personally feel much more at ease with the interviewers if I’ve done my research and am ready to fire away my answers. There are many ways in which you can better prepare yourself for a job interview. Here are my top 5 job interview hacks.


#1 Research, research, research!

It is extremely important that you come to your interview knowing as much about the company you have applied for as possible.  Employers are impressed by candidates who have taken an interest in the history of the company, the skills required for the position, the values and culture of the company and the nature of the work undertaken by the company as a whole. At the end of the interview, the employer will ask you if you have any questions.  It’s important to have some intelligent Q’s lined up (hint: asking about the pay rate or holiday allowances are not intelligent questions).  If you have some background information about the company, this will help you to come up with questions that fill your knowledge gaps. Get on Google, search the company’s name and stalk to your hearts content.

#2 Find someone who has attended many job interviews and pick their brain

It may be a parent, a friend who has graduated, a mentor or a grandparent.  These people are worth their weight in gold when it comes to giving advice on preparing for an interview.  Ask them what they were most commonly asked during their interviews, what they wore to their interviews, what they thought they did right when they got the job and what they thought went wrong when they did not.  You can use their experience to better prepare yourself for what to expect in your own interview.


#3 Thoroughly read the position description

If you show up to a job interview and are clueless on what you have actually signed yourself up for,  how do you expect to nail the interview questions? Know your PD back to front.   Refer back to #2 when I advised that you ask experienced job interviewees what their typical interview questions were.  You can use this knowledge to tailor those questions to suit your PD.  It is likely that employers will ask you how you have demonstrated the skills required for the position in your past. Be ready to come up with some  real examples.   If you have past projects you can use to physically prove you have demonstrated a skill requirement, bring it along! This looks great to employers.


#4 Do a mock interview

Once you have created a list of possible questions that the employer will ask you, find someone to act as the employer and ask you those questions.  This gives you an opportunity to think in advance about the most professional and effective way to answer the questions you have prepared.  If you’re lucky enough to be asked the same question in the interview, there will be no awkward silences or stutters from you!

#5 Dress Professionally

Here at Griffith Careers and Employment Service, we can’t emphasize the importance of dressing well enough! I’m sure you are tired of hearing it, but please dress as though you want the job.  Do a Google images search on the company and have a look at what the employees are wearing in their advertisements.  This is the look you want to go for.  It is also a good idea to check out our professional dress pintrest board for men and our professional dress tips pintrest board for women.


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