10 reasons to temp

10 Reasons to Temp

By Alex Hargreaves

Unitemps will be launching at the end of this month, June 30th, at Griffith University! Have you ever found yourself stuck in a catch 22 situation where you can’t find work due to lack of experience but can’t get experience because no one will hire you?  Temp work may be your solution. Firstly, you may be wondering what ‘temp’ work entails. Temp work refers to working for a company temporarily.   Temp workers are employed by temping agencies who are responsible for finding candidates short term work placement positions with various organisations. Temping does mean that many of your employers will love you and leave you, but it’s a great way to break into the work force. You will soon have the opportunity to try out temp work here at Griffith by applying for Unitemps! Unitemps is Griffith’s own internal temping recruitment agency.



There are many ways that temp work can benefit you whilst you’re still studying.  Here are the top 10 reasons you should temp!

#1 Flexibility

As a student, it is expected that you have a heavy study load and need to dedicate a large percentage of your time to research and assignment writing.  Having a steady part time job is great for financial stability but not so great when you find out you have an assignment due the same day of your regular 9-5 shift.  Temp jobs do not adhere to any set schedule so when you are not assigned any tasks, you can maximize your free time to get all of your study done!

#2 Enhanced Skillset

If you are hired in a continuing position, you will learn all of the skills required to do the job and repeat them until you are an expert.  As a temp, you will be rotated through different jobs as vacancies within different organizations become available.  This will force you to learn a range of different skills.  One temp job may require you to sell toner to clients where as another may require you to update the company’s website/social media channels. Undertaking many different temporary jobs will allow you to acquire a broad range of skills that can be applicable to many different career paths.  Your extensive and varied skill set is sure to be a favorable asset to future employers!

#3 People Skills

Different companies have different workplace values and are made up of many different personality types.  As a temp, you will likely work temporarily for many organizations.  This will teach you to adapt to different work place cultures and interact with colleagues from a broad range of racial, cultural and socio economic backgrounds.  Temping will push you to interact with people that perhaps you normally wouldn’t.  This will help you to become more open minded and interact well with others effortlessly.

#4 Impressive Resume

If the work experience section on your resume includes the one time you volunteered at your high school tuckshop or the time you started your own lemonade stand, you may want to think twice before handing it to a serious employer.  Temping will allow you to step up your prior work experience. The more odd jobs you sign up for, the more skills and experience you will have.

#5 Referees

If you do all of your temp jobs well, you will have many different employers that you can list on your resume as referees! Students with limited work experience will often struggle to find one professional contact who can give a good reference for them.  Uncle Bob is not a good choice for your top referee.  Temping could put you in a position where you can think back to the managers you got along with and that you feel most confident listing on your resume.

#6 Networking

Temping will allow you to make many new professional contacts.  Whether it is your boss or a colleague, all of the people you meet at work could potentially help you score a great job one day.  If you were a stand out in your temp role, it is likely that your colleagues will think of you when they hear of a great job going.  They may give out your details to other hiring professionals.

#7 Relevant Experience

At some point, it is likely that a temp role may open up that is relevant to your discipline of study.  It is great to gain practical experience in your field whilst you are still a student as this will help you decide if what you are studying is really right for you.  Relevant work experience will also be very impressive to future employers down the track when you are applying for your dream job.

#8 Gain Confidence

If you have never worked before, the work force may seem like a scary and intimidating world that you are not sure you are ready to join yet.  Temping is a good way to challenge the fears and apprehension you may have about starting work for the first time. You can dip your toe in the pool without getting all the way in.  In case you were wondering, you will be interviewed before you are accepted into Unitemps and it is the same process as a formal job interview.  This experience will prepare you to be more confident for graduate job interviews in the future.

#9 Money

Too poor to socialize with your friends but too busy to commit to a steady part time job?  Temping can solve this problem.  You will have the income without the ongoing commitment.

#10 Steady Employment

It is quite possible that one of the companies you temp for may have a steady position open up later down the line.  If you impressed your employer, you will be in the forefront of their mind when they are thinking of who would be best suited to the position.  Even though temping is temporary, this type of work can definitely increase your chances of locking down a continuing position.

Watch this space, there will be more information released in the next few weeks about how you can register for Unitemps. You will be able to apply when Unitemps officially launches on campus. Upon the launch,  any questions you may have about Unitemps can be answered at the Unitemps Office at Nathan and Hot desks at Gold Coast Student Administration Centres.


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