Online updates in the workplace

Online Updates have Extended Beyond the Internet and into the Workplace

By Alex Hargreaves

The explosive impact the internet has had on the traditional workforce is immeasurable and constantly changing.   The 9-5 daily grind will never quite be what it was pre 1990, when data entry tasks were manual and job aids remained stagnant and predictable.

Online updates in the work place

The internet has undoubtedly transformed the culture of the workplace, the tasks undertaken by employees and the time required to perform those tasks. Due to this, many jobs that were once in high demand have been rendered obsolete.  Don’t be too concerned about this though, as it is doubtful that anyone has chosen the ‘Typist’ major for their degree. According to an article on Mashable, some of the current most endangered jobs include travel agents, receptionists and cashiers as the internet has made it possible to check in to locations, plan itineraries and scan and weigh your own items.  It is important to be aware of how the internet could affect your chosen profession. You can read more about this in our #FutureofWork blog.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as the internet has also created many jobs as well. Some of these jobs include web developers, SEO specialists, app developers and bloggers, to mention a few.  To read about more jobs created by the internet, see the following article by CareerFAQs.  The internet has also made many aspects of applying for a job much more convenient and user friendly. You can now search and apply for jobs without leaving your house, which is a far cry from the days when our parents applied for jobs and carried around multiple copies of their typewriter written resumes.  As a university student looking for work, there are many ways the up rise of the internet will benefit you when you begin your job hunt and it is important that you are prepared to embrace and be ready for these changes

# 1 Skype Interviews

Unable to physically attend a job interview?  Your future employer may be able to work around this issue by hosting a Skype interview.  Some employers prefer to conduct all of their interviews via Skype regardless of the proximity of the workplace to where you live.  If you are asked to do an interview via skype, be prepared! There are factors to consider that you wouldn’t have to for traditional job interviews. If your Skype username is Iluv2party, it’s time to create a new account.  If your internet is slow, pay for a data increase pre interview or ask a friend or family member if you can temporarily tap into their internet connection. Nobody wants to interview a blurry pixel with a 5 second speech delay.  Have a neat and tidy background and ensure that pets and family members are not going to interrupt or casually walk behind you during the interview. Whilst it may be tempting to ignore this rule, the bottom half of your outfit should be as presentable as your top half. You may need to get up during the interview for a bathroom break or to put out a fire, you never know.


# E-Portfolio

Long gone are the days when you had to drag a heavy folder containing 3 years’ worth of work to a job interview.  If you haven’t created an e-portfolio yet, now is the time. An e-portfolio is simply an online collection of important original work created by yourself.  The work should demonstrate learning outcomes from formal education or personal talent. It should not be a dumping ground for every piece of original work that you have created.  Your e-portfolio should be reserved for material that is worth showing off. Sometimes, an e-portfolio may contain individual pieces of content that contributes to an overall theme.  It can also simply be a reflection of your hobbies or a collection of unrelated material you have created in your spare time or as part of your degree.  Your e-portfolio is really what you make it.  There are many different platforms you can use to create your e-portfolio, including Portfoliogen, Pathbrite, Wix or Youtube, if you are a performer.  You can read more about how to develop your e-portfolio on our Careers and Employment Resume Advice page.

#3 Social Media Screening

In our previous blog, we shared the importance of having a professional online image. Australian employers are actively checking social media accounts as part of their recruitment process and this is becoming standard practice. For tips on how to make sure your social media accounts present you as an employable candidate, read our previous blog, Spring Clean your Social Media Accounts.


#4 Opportunity to Freelance/Work from Home

As a new graduate, you may be confused about where you want your future career to take you. The thought of going to the same office in the same city everyday may seem too tedious and feel suffocating.  The internet has given new job seekers the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has indicated that 1 in 12 Australian employees works from home.   If you are a writer, have good customer service skills, are tech savvy or consider yourself an entrepreneur, working from home may be for you.  The ability to write well can land you a job as a freelancer or blogger.  There are also an increasing number of businesses looking for writers with social media skills to market their business from home.  Many prominent technology companies are looking for customer service representatives who will take calls externally. Tech savvy students with good people skills are best suited to these roles.  If you are an entrepreneur, you may be able to start up your business from your computer and work completely online.


#5 Online Resume

It’s no surprise that in today’s job landscape where you have to fight to be a stand out, your typical A4 black and white resume is not going to win you any second glances.  The internet has given you the opportunity to step it up with a creative online resume. There are many different ways you can present your resume.  You could create a video resume where you introduce yourself, your work experience and your skill set in an interactive video.  If you are a social media whiz, why not use social media to show case your resume?

The options are endless.


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