Start your part time job search

Start your Part Time Job Search April 2016

by Alex Hargreaves

If you have never had a job before, you may find the thought of applying for your first part-time job completely overwhelming.  With so many job search websites and career blogs out there, you may have no idea where to start or what you are looking for.  This is a normal part of the job search process.  Whether you are a confident person or not, searching for your first job can be very daunting. Fear not, there are some practical steps you can take before getting started which will help you to narrow down your search to make sure your options align with your end goal.

Finding a Part Time Job

#1 Ask yourself what your main motivation is for finding a part-time job  

Have you come to a point in life where you need a part-time job to make ends meet? Do you want some extra spending money to have fun on the weekends?  Are you looking for work experience because you simply want to know what it’s like to be a part of the work force?  Do you want to look more experienced to employers by having a job to add to your resume?  Whatever your reason is, make sure it is at the forefront of your mind when looking for a job.  If you want a part time job for financial reasons, you can narrow down your search to only view jobs which pay an hourly rate that can sustain your budget.  If it is work experience you are looking for, focus on jobs which have some relevance to the degree you are studying.  This will help you gain important skills needed when you are looking for full time graduate jobs.  If you are simply wanting to join the work force for the first time, look for jobs with flexible hours that you can easily fit around your study commitments.  You can search for jobs that suit your needs on Careerboard. Careerboard is a safer job seek service than other websites as jobs are checked by Griffith Careers and Employment team to make sure they are suitable for students before they are posted.  All of the jobs on Careerboard have been posted by employers specifically looking to hire Griffith students.

#2 Tap into our Griffith Careers and Employment services

If it is your first time applying for a job, it is likely that you may not have much experience building a resume.  Unless you have the opportunity to apply for a job in person, your resume will be the first way an employer will be able to gain insight into who you are as a person and why you would be suitable to work for their company. Having a resume that stands out from the crowd is important.  You should feel confident about the resume that you are sending out to employers.  Attend a Resume Rescue session held by our Careers Leaders to get help create a resume that accurately reflects your skills, abilities and experience.  We will keep you updated on times and venues for Resume Rescue sessions on our Facebook page. If you have absolutely no idea what direction you want your career to go in, presently and in the future, it would be wise to make an appointment with a Careers Counsellor.


#3 Network

That old saying, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ could not be more true when it comes to landing your first job.  If someone who knows you well can put in a good word for you, this can often be a deciding vote when the competition is down to you and one other job applicant.  When employers hear good things about someone from a trusted colleague, they will take this advice very seriously. Think about the employment situations of your family and friends.  If Uncle Bob owns a pie shop, perhaps it’s time for him to take on a casual.  If you can see an employment opportunity within your immediate circle that is mutually beneficial for you and them, it’s always worth putting the suggestion out there. Ask your friends and family if they know of anyone who is looking for an employee to fill a position.  Once you put the word out that you are keen to find a job, you will be surprised how many opportunities will arise for you.


If obtaining a part-time job is important to you, don’t put off your search any longer.  The sooner you start applying for jobs, the sooner you can begin to narrow down what kind of job will suit you and learn more about the types of applicants employers are looking to hire.  Try not to be disheartened if you get knocked back for the first few jobs you apply for.  This is an extremely normal part of the process, especially if you do not have any work experience.  As long as you keep a positive attitude and make notes of useful contacts and tips you pick up during your search, you will eventually land yourself a job.

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