Disney Cultural Exchange Program 2016

The Disney Cultural Exchange Program 

Would you like to be a part of something magical?  Disney is now taking applications for their Disney Cultural Exchange Program! If you feel like you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone  and move overseas to work alongside the Disney team, now is your chance to apply for this wonderful opportunity. The Disney Cultural Exchange program could see you working at Disneyland in Orlando, Flordia in a range of different roles.disney

You could be working as a Character Performer, where you will get the chance to dress up as your favourite Disney characters and use your enthusiasm and acting skills to bring them to life for the audience.  You may prefer to work in Disney accommodation in roles such as Front Desk Reception, Vacation Planning or Culinary Duties.  These roles can help to enhance your customer service and organizational skills while creating a positive first impression to guests at the hotel.  If you have strong swimming skills, you may be best suited to a Lifeguard position, assisting with the Disneyland water features.  You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of guests by monitoring their activity and sustaining the cleanliness of the water features.

If you enjoy working with fashion and have an eye for design, you may be assigned to a costuming or merchandising role. Costuming entails moving costumes to the correct location, keeping them clean by operating heavy laundry equipment and assisting with the dressing of character performers.  Merchandising involves stacking candy and lollies in an attractive fashion, prepping packages for shipping and delivery and selling tobacco and cigarettes.  For those who are happy to stand for long periods of time and enjoy interacting with people, an operational role may be for you.  Operational staff assist with loading and unloading guests onto rides, ensuring that safety standards have been met before rides depart and the operating of complicated ride systems.

If any of these roles appeal to you, it is definitely worth applying for the Disney Cultural Exchange program for 2016. It may seem daunting leaving the comfort of your home and friends to partake in a program where you are not really sure what to expect, however Disney offer excellent living conditions that can make the transition very comfortable for you.  You will be living in a spacious apartment with one or two other participants in the program.  This will give you the opportunity to bond with new people who are going through the exact same challenge as you.  You may even be able to learn about completely different cultures by spending time with your roommates.

If you would like to find out more information about the program from experienced Disney representatives, it is highly recommended to attend the Disney Cultural Exchange Program Information session on the 15th of April at the Gold Coast Campus.  To register your attendance, please see the Careerboard event.

If you would like to go ahead and apply for the Disney Cultural Exchange Program, please visit their Disney registration page for the application process and more information.




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