Today we farewell our fearless leader, Margo Baas


Today we farewell our fearless leader – Margo Baas, Manager of the Careers and Employment Service.

A sense of melancholy has descended over the Careers office.  Goodbyes have been said, gifts exchanged— perhaps even, a private tear or two shed— and the office is now quiet.

The infectious laugh that echoes down the halls, signalling Margo’s approach to Student Services at N12 even if she’s just passed through the Campus Heart, is sadly absent. The leader who has headed the Careers Service for the past few years, driven innovation across Griffith’s employability strategy, fostered valuable industry partnerships and revitalised services for students with her unique approach and boundless energy is departing Australia for an adventure in the United Kingdom.

While we will miss Margo, we’re excited for her to explore new areas and apply her talents to a new project as the Associate Director of Careers at the University of Leicester. After all, she’s done so much for Griffith – it’s only natural she takes the rest of the world by storm too.

Margo’s achievements are extensive. Not only has she been a highly effective manager, who welcomes fresh ideas and handles complex team dynamics with aplomb, but has won numerous awards, repositioned Careers as a highly effective service at the forefront of industry trends and captured the attention of everyone at the University. You will never hear the words “who is Margo Baas?” from a Griffith staff member.

Margo's fan club
Margo’s fan club

Not only do staff members know her, but they love her. She is a collaborator with an attitude that drives strategic change across the University. She’s passionate about career development and implements a range of initiatives to improve graduate outcomes and help students and staff realise their goals and potential. Her advice isn’t standard – she knows how to help you stand out and make an impact above and beyond the usual, because she understands what employers want and knows the industry landscape.

That knowledge and attitude saw her win the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) Best Career Service Award, lead the push to overhaul the Careers website and innovate our communication strategy, drive the Employability Framework and win a $70,000 grant which one senior officer has said is “the best $70,000 Griffith has ever spent”, set up strategic relationships with the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, the Deputy Vice Chancellor External Engagement and the Dean of Learning Futures and win a Highly Commended Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Client Service to Students for the whole team.

We owe Margo a lot. We’ve learned that nothing is impossible. We know how to think about the steps needed to achieve the Careers Service’s strategic goals. We consistently feel valued and respected. She’s helped build our resilience and our confidence. Margo has helped shape a team who put students at the heart of everything they do and given us the tools to provide the best service possible. And we’ve seen real results – most recently, Griffith producing 10 out of 100 of the most employable students across Australia in Grad Connection’s Top100 Future Leaders Awards.

But most of all, she’s made coming to work a joy. Everyone at Careers realises what a great work environment we’re in and how lucky we are to be surrounded with wonderful, collaborative and proactive personalities.

I think we can say from everyone at Griffith:

Thank you Margo for everything you’ve done for this University and best of luck with all your future endeavours. We hope to hear that famous Margo laughter tunnelling down our hallways soon.



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One thought on “Today we farewell our fearless leader, Margo Baas”

  1. Today was my last day at Griffith University Careers Service as the manager of an amazing team. The journey of our students and the many success stories is why we show up at work everyday and having a wonderful team to work with only makes it easier. Thanks to all who joined me in our endeavors to create successful career outcomes for our students.

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