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CaptureOne of the perks of this job is continually talking with inspiring students and staff. The wonderful work happening across all of our campuses never ceases to amaze me. . I get asked a lot how to get involved with on-campus activities which also has the side benefit of being paid work. It’s impossible to know every single activity that’s happening on campus but as you dig deeper the diverse opportunities for students keep unveiling themselves. The Career Leaders Program is one of these gems which students should be embracing with open arms: you actually get paid to develop your own Career.

Due to the nature of its funding by the Federal Government through the Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP), the Career Leaders Program is only open to domestic students from equity backgrounds, who statistically are at a strong disadvantage regarding successful participation in, and graduation from, higher education.

I recently met with three Career Leaders who have been part of the program this year. Maggie Kuok, a final year student studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management  has found being part of the program has really increased her  confidence and networking skills. Due to graduate in December this year, Maggie says she has really enjoyed meeting and engaging with different university services. “I was so excited when I became a Career Leader and I got the opportunity to bring awareness of the Careers and Employment Service to students, work on my own interview skills and help students develop their resumes. It really has helped me encourage students to think about their career paths but I have also learnt so much personally in how to target my own resume and focus on the jobs I really, really want.” With a dream to work in a large multinational company in strategic HR planning, Maggie wants to use her experience and degree to work with people and make their workplaces better.

Bachelor of Communication final year student Natasha Dowling was preparing for an interview when I met with her and comments that her experience as a Career Leader really helps with her preparation. “Working as a Career Leader really allowed me to work on my interview skills and learn how to conduct myself. I have gone to several interviews and got more experience each time”. Natasha was already familiar with the Careers and Employment Service when she applied for the Career Leader Program and enjoys promoting the service to her fellow students at lectures and market days. “I find other students often forget to think about getting a job and I find if I can help even one person, my job is done”.

Currently studying a Graduate Certificate of Education (Secondary) in Science, Health and Physical Education and a degree in Biomedical Science, Jessie Hamill provides assistance to her own student group but also nursing students. With a career goal to become a doctor, Jessie found her experience as a Career Leader gave her the confidence to approach one of her career idols to pick his brain on his own work history. “The program is a great networking tool and it also helped me to get to know the other 180 students in my program and I really enjoy promoting the Careers and Employment Service to students at seminars”. So why would Jessie recommend this program to students? “How often do you get the opportunity to be paid to invest in your own future, look after your own career goals and make a job your own?”

If you would like to be part of the program, apply now at Applications close on Friday 31 October. For more information please email: or phone: (07) 5552 8881



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