Steps to a fairer financial world – Yune Chin

Yune Chin started working as a Graduate Paraplanner at Suncorp Group three months before graduating a few weeks ago. Yune’s involvement in extracurricular activities, managing casual jobs and volunteering as a Griffith Mate, Career Leader and treasurer of the Golden Key International Honours Society provided invaluable experience for her resume.

The Careers team caught up with Yune to discuss her degree choice, transition from uni to full-time work and tips for new grads.

Yune studied Master of Commerce with a major in Financial Planning from Griffith University.

Why did you choose to study Financial Planning?

I particularly liked the idea of wealth creation and wealth protection – being able to formulate complex strategies to help people achieve their financial goals for the future. Griffith University was the best place to go to as it was one of first tertiary institution accredited by the Financial Planning Association of Australia and the Financial Planning Education Council.

What are the most interesting things you learned in your degree?

My lecturers had extensive experience working in the Financial Planning industry. The stories they imparted about what went on in the industry is what I valued the most – these can’t be learnt from a textbook.

In Semester 2 2013, my team won the Deloitte Fastrack Innovation Challenge as part of the Griffith/Deloitte Innovation Practicum course. In this course, students worked in teams and developed innovative business solutions to pitch to Deloitte executive partners with the winning team sharing $5,000 prize money. This out-of-the-classroom learning experience was one of the most valuable experiences I had at Griffith.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of going to uni?

The diversity of students – being able to meet and make friends with those from different countries, backgrounds and languages. This is why I joined Griffith MATES where I was part of a diverse and vibrant team of student leaders who offer peer support for new and international students.

We’re the ones wearing red Griffith shirts with #GriffithMates, renowned for running the Griffith Amazing Race and easily spotted on campus during O-week.

How did you get your role as a Graduate Paraplanner?

I saw the opportunity advertised on LinkedIn. The process was fairly quick as I was invited to an interview and subsequently received an offer within a few weeks of applying. I was lucky as this is a highly technical position and Suncorp don’t normally recruit graduates in this area.

What do you do in your current job?

I’m part of a large centralised paraplanning team creating compliant financial advice documents for hundreds of financial advisers located across Australia affiliated with Suncorp Financial Planning. My job is similar to writing a major assignment in Griffith’s “Financial Plan, Construction and Review” course every day.

What are the most satisfying aspects of your job?

Knowing that someone will be better off financially because every document is different and is personalised according to the client’s goals and financial situation.

What are your career plans?

Take a break from study then go on to study the CFP program, the highest certification that a financial planner can attain.

If you could give one piece of advice to Griffith graduates, what would it be?

Keep yourself busy. Grades aren’t everything but if you can juggle study, work and extra- curricular activities while keeping your GPA high, you will have lots to put on your resume to show that you are a hard worker with excellent time management skills.

Top Tips from Yune

  • Learn to use LinkedIn. Network with those who are already working in the field you want to get into and it never hurts to ask nicely for some career advice.
  • Make the most of careers workshops running every semester at uni – particularly the resume workshops.
  • Gain as much relevant work experience as possible – paid or unpaid.
  • Enrol in work placement courses at Griffith. If there aren’t any available for your discipline, try Community Internship during summer holidays.
  • Participate in industry mentoring programs.
  • Be proactive, start doing research of the industry you want to get into by joining professional bodies as a student member

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